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Build a website you love and get back to writing. In mere minutes.

Imagine an author website that stays up-to-date on its own, promoting new releases as they come out. SiteArcade does this, and so much more.

Start your writing journey
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Write more often

Websites drain hours (or weeks) per year that would be better spent writing. Let our smart websites auto-import and update your book library so you don’t have to.

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Sell more books

Sales are hard, but the right tools make the job easy. Our sites auto-promote new releases and sales, and your links look great on search and social with custom images and the right metadata.

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Grow your audience

Audience size is the single greatest predictor of launch success. Use our author-first tools to gain subscribers, excite readers, and connect across platforms.

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Build connections

Authors help authors with promise. SiteArcade makes it easy to strut your stuff in minutes, so you can devote the hours you save to more pressing matters.

The only people who truly know what it’s like to have a writing career are the people who have them.

Jeffrey Somers, Author and Freelance Writer

Write More Often

Your career advances with every release.

An hour spent on your site is an hour wasted. Let us care for the code while you write the next book.


Imports your books automatically.

Paste your Amazon profile link, and watch your website come to life. Your books and author info appear in seconds, and stay always up-to-date.

(Not published yet? We’ve got you covered.)


Showcases the right books at the right time.

Maximize readers’ attention through a magic mix of new releases, best-sellers, and series starters. Tweak your library preferences, and let your website do the rest.


Makes design a delight.

Express your author brand in just a few clicks. Using our smart design tools, your site will always look like a million bucks.

Every wasted hour is a chance for the project to lose your interest, to become yet another in the pile of corpses we authors all string up in the basement.

Michael Continues, Author & SiteArcade Founder

Sell More Books

Automate your marketing to accelerate your career.

What if your website always sent readers in the right direction? SiteArcade does just that, so you can devote your attention to other things.


Targets your marketing, all on its own.

Rest easy while your website auto-promotes new releases, preorders, and sales. Or take the reins and prioritize custom promos for events, newsletter signups, and giveaways.


Showcases your unique perspective.

Every author has superfans waiting to find them. Use our brand-building tools to let your ideal readers know they’ve found the right author.

Let your brand do the talking… so that you can do the writing.

Grow Your Audience

The bigger your fandom, the better your launch.

Our author-first tools make it easy to draw readers deeper. Set it and forget it, knowing your website is always working.


Makes personal connections.

When everything’s a transaction, a personal request makes all the difference. With our easy CTA builder, it’s easy to invite readers to subscribe to your newsletter, attend your event, or download your freebie.


Excites readers with your upcoming release.

Make their mouths water with the details of your work-in-progress. Give readers a reason to return and give agents a reason to reach out.

Reader retention and cultivation is infinitely more efficient than creating a brand new audience every time you launch a book.

Damon Suede, Gay Romance & Non-Fiction Author

Build Connections

Pros want to work with other pros.

Signal to other authors you’re here for the long-haul with a beautiful, pro website that ticks every box.


Invites new connections.

Without ever leaving the page, industry pros and potential readers can send your an email or follow you on your favorite social media channels.

Streamlines hosting, domain, and email.

You get it all with SiteArcade. No hidden fees, and no tech skills required. Best of all, you don’t pay until you’re ready to launch your new site.


Looks great on every device, every time.

Stand a head above the pack with a site that looks great on every device and loads fast in every part of the world. Readers come in all shapes and sizes!

The pros know exactly what they’re looking for: professionalism, social proof, and relevance.

It takes just minutes to have a site of your own!

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