Writing is Hard!

SiteArcade aims to make your writing career easy.

We love to write…

…and we hate to waste our writing time.

Building a successful author career takes time. Whether you’re traditionally or independently published, there’s too many things to do besides writing: developing your brand, nurturing your readership, marketing your books, querying and outreach…

We all know neglecting these responsibilities will hurt our careers, but there’s only so many hours in the day!

Talking with our author pals, we soon realized one concern everyone shared: Authors know they need great websites, but they dread the time, money, and stress of building, updating, and fixing them.

Over and over again, we heard authors say:

  • “I know I need a website, but I just can’t be bothered.”
  • “It took me so long the first time, I don’t even want to touch it.”
  • “I dread adding a new book.”
  • “Every time WordPress updates, something breaks.”
  • “Most of my traffic is mobile, and my site looks awful on mobile.”
  • “My website just doesn’t have the features I need.”
  • “I paid a designer thousands for my site, and it sucks.”

Let’s be honest…

Most author websites suck.

Rather than exciting potential readers, media contacts, and industry professionals, they send potential allies running for the hills.

Thing is, a reader doesn’t have to read your book. Or anybody’s, for that matter. If they don’t see something they like on the first click, they’ll just go watch some Netflix instead. Not only do you lose a reader, but our entire industry loses one too.

So we put our heads together with the goal of reinventing the author website experience from the ground up. And after a ton of research (and months of author feedback), we concluded that good website should be:

  • Easy.
    At SiteArcade, your website is ready in under a minute. We sync your author info and book library with Amazon, match your styles to your book covers, and promote exactly the right book. All before you even get to the editor.
  • Beautiful.
    Your brand shines at SiteArcade. We guarantee your site will always look amazing. On every device, on every search engine, and on every social media platform.
  • Professional.
    Clean? Organized? Fast, stable, and inviting? Yes, yes, and yes! And guess what? We automatically generate press kits to help you capture the attention of reviewers, media reps, agents, and publishers.
  • Magic.
    We keep your website up-to-date with Amazon. Change a cover or a blurb? Your website updates. Release a new book or discount a book? Your website promotes it. Automatically. That’s one less thing to think about during launch week!

Every author deserves a great website, at a great price.

For us, it comes down to this…

Writing is the best part of your day,
and we want you to do it more often.

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