What Do We Want? Better Author Websites!

What Do We Want? Better Author Websites!


We love being authors. Both my husband and I (Mike and Alvaro) have been publishing novels since 2016. Mike has been a guest on multiple podcasts, including Writing Excuses. We’ve attended dozens of conferences and befriended hundreds of authors. We know the biz. And we know what authors want.

We all share the same dream—to have more time to write. But any writing career has a business side that demands more and more time. No matter if you’re traditionally or independently published, as other responsibilities pile up, it gets harder to focus solely on your craft.

Over the years, Mike and I have found maintaining an author website to be one of our greatest frustrations. A great website can reveal the true value of an author’s work, making you memorable to readers and attractive to industry professionals. Similarly, a bad website can have just the opposite effect, obscuring an author’s value across the board. The trouble is that web development is a huge pain in the neck. (And we say this as a software engineer and a graphic designer, each with over 15 years of experience in our fields!)

We’ve tried every tool you can think of, from unspecialized platforms like Wix and SquareSpace to free alternatives like Wordpress, with all of the pricey, unstable plugins you need to get up and running. No matter what we tried, we found it impossible to build a great website without investing hundreds of hours in the process. And we know we’re not alone. Too many of our author friends hate their websites. Even many of those who’ve spent thousands of dollars on professionals, only to find themselves disappointed with the end result.

Finally, it hit us. Writing is hard—web design should be easy! Too many great authors go unnoticed because they haven’t been able to cultivate the magnetic brand readers, publishers, and the media are looking for.

Mike and I realized that if we joined forces, we could help the entire author community. Every writer deserves an equal chance of being discovered, so everyone can benefit from a more polished, professional online presence, no matter if they’re just starting out or if their books are showcased in an airport bookstore.

SiteArcade will allow any author to build a gorgeous, professional, unbreakable website tailored to their needs. No fluff, no headaches, and no previous experience required. Why spend hours building a website when you can achieve a fabulous result in minutes?

Your website should work for you. Not the other way around.

Our goal is to magnify your online presence. To build your community. To grow your network. To save you time. To give you peace of mind. We know as well as you do, a writer’s time is best spent writing, and we’re here to clear your schedule.

Sign up for updates below, and we’ll keep you in the loop. We think you’re gonna love SiteArcade. After all, we made it for you.

What Do We Want? Better Author Websites!
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