Set Up Email with Apple Mail

Email Inbox & Forwarding

Mail is the default email software that comes with every Apple product and is available for IOS only.

You can use it with your new SiteArcade email address. Here’s how…

First steps

  • Click on Mail (Menu) > Add Account…
The "Add account" option is the fourth under the "Mail" menu.
  • Select Other Mail Account
  • Click Continue
The "other mail account" option is the last of the list.

Fill in your email account information:

  • Name: How you want to identify this account. EG: T.K. Standin.
  • Email Address: Your email address exactly as you created it on SiteArcade. Eg:
  • Password: The password you used when creating this email address on SiteArcade.

Then click Sign In.

This window will only have three fields to fill in: Name, email, and password

Set up your incoming and outgoing mail server

Use the following information:

  • Email address: Your SiteArcade email address
  • User Name: Your SiteArcade email address
  • Account Type: IMAP
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Outgoing Mail Server:
The IMAP window will have three fields, a drop down, and two more fields.

Finishing up

  • Select Mail in the list of apps
  • Click Done
The mail option will be the first on the list

Your new inbox should appear on the sidebar. Hooray!

Your new inbox will appear on Apple Mail's left sidebar after the default inboxes
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